Frequently Asked Questions

No Board & No MLS Brokerage Plan

Are you ready to say goodbye to board and mls fees?

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand the difference!

Q: Why are you offering a no board and no mls option to agents?

A: While we are a pro-board brokerage and prefer agents to join NAR to take advantage of special tools, resources and education to succeed in business and represent their client’s best interest, we often have agents who don’t really see any benefits or use of the board or the MLS. These are agents who are either part-time, referring agents, commercial agents, retired licensees, investors, flippers or just don’t do much retail transactions and don’t see a need to have these memberships. This option is for these agents to eliminate that expense and requirement, which is set by majority of other brokerages. At KAIZEN, we want to give our agents an option to conduct their business their way!

Q: If I’m not part of any board or MLS, how do I search for properties for my clients or list them?

A: First, if you will be doing many transactions and will be representing clients, we suggest that you stay part of our board/mls brokerage so your clients can be represented in best way possible. This option is for those agents who won’t be doing much retail transactions as stated in the previous question but if you are part of the non-mls brokerage and would like to search properties online, you can use any of the major real estate search portals to find listings for your client and obtain listing agent’s contact information. You will not be able to list any properties in the local MLS though unless you were a association member with MLS access. 

Q: What requirements and expectations will I have as an agent under the No board/MLS brokerage?

A: We don’t have any special requirements other than your license must be in good standing with the state, all your education requirement are met and you stay in compliance with our brokerage policies and paperwork. 

Q: What are the fees associated with this plan?

A: There are no monthly fees. You will only pay a transaction fee of $599 when you close a deal. You will still receive all the perks and benefits like any other agent at KAIZEN without the board or MLS fees. All agents who join the No Board/MLS brokerage pay a yearly fee of $299 charged at joining to help pay for their tools, technology and E&O insurance. 

Q: Will I have state provided forms access via dotloop?

A: No, the state provided forms are only for members of the board who pay state dues. We will provide you attorney drafted and approved custom forms for your real estate transactions. 

Q: Why are you providing this option to agents if you’re a pro-board brokerage?

A: We want to give our part-time agents an option to conduct their business their way, remain active licensees and also help those agents who don’t see a need or benefit for being a board or MLS member. 

Q: What if I have a client who wants to list a property in the MLS?

A: While you will not be able to list that property in the MLS, you can certainly join back the local board or you may join My State MLS as a member and list the property. My State MLS is a nationwide MLS and real estate listing portal. Click here for details

Q: What if I’m a new agent with no experience. Can I join this no board brokerage?

A: Yes, as long you will not be working to represent clients mainly and focused on your own buying, selling, flipping, investing or keeping the license active for referrals, you can join the no mls brokerage. You will still have to go through mandatory new agent training program with your broker. Should you decide to handle retail and represent clients, you can also join the local board and transfer to our board/mls brokerage.